Slide UKRAINIAN CAMP MAIL. 1945-1950
MARCH 11/2021- APRIL 11/2021
We will present to your attention a unique collection of Ukrainian camp mail, which existed in the difficult period after World War II. It was then that a large number of Ukrainians found themselves in prisoner-of-war and ostarbat camps in Italy and Germany. Educational and cultural activities, as well as the functioning of the postal service and philatelic circles, were established in the difficult conditions of their stay in the camps. The main ideological inspirer is Prukhnytsky Vasyl Andriyovych, the collector and collector of this collection is Lyubinin Yosyp Abramovych. And the family of Pushak Andriy Pylypovych and Nadiya Stepanivna, who comes from the territory of Western Ukraine, became the main founder of the publication of the book "Ukrainian camp mail - 1945-1950.
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