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charity silent auction

Veles Gallery continues the art project “Weeks of Ukrainian Art” and invites you to participate in a charity auction in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The event will be held jointly with the V.Patyk Foundation with the support of Blokhaus Ahlhorn, at Ahlhorner Fischteiche 2, Grossenkneten, Germany, on 12/17/2022 at 5:00 p.m.

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Art gallery is an integral part of the art market, in art the space of which demonstrates the latest trends in art.


The main task of a gallery owner is to draw the viewer’s attention to his gallery, exhibition, artist. The gallery owner acts as an intermediary between a creative person and business, solving a difficult task: to earn money for himself and for the artist, and besides this he is trying to become a kind of moderator on the art market and the artistic life of society

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