APRIL 27/2021- MAY 13/2021
The exhibition allows to discover the work of the well-known Lviv artist Ivan Protsiv from another unknown side for many - sacred art. Imbued with the divine energy of the sacralized images created for the Lviv Church of St. Anne and the Zolochiv Church of the Ascension, Ivan Protsiv did not abandon religious themes. Over the past two decades, the artist in his traditional painting style has performed a number of highly artistic cycles of religious content, which have been successfully demonstrated in solo and group exhibitions. If in creating iconographic works for churches the artist generally obeyed the established canonical prescriptions of the iconographic solution of the Eastern Church, then in his easel creative works of exhibition nature he demonstrates, reinterpreted from the standpoint of modernity, unexpected compositional authorial style, depth of ideological image. It is characteristic that most of the works fit into certain cycles, among which the theme of the Lord's Passions stands out. Each work from the Passion Cycle, despite the conciseness of the graphically interpreted expression, hides deep authorial experiences and reflections on the eternal ambiguous vicissitudes of human existence.
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