Charity exhibition Ukrainian weeks

WELCOME TO 30th of August 2022.

Today, in a difficult time of trials, each of us is trying to do something useful, and good for our country, each has its own front of struggle and work. In its own way, our gallery tries to tell about Ukraine, about its wonderful people, worthy representatives of culture and elite.
In a picturesque corner of Germany, among untouched nature, Art Salon Veles and several famous Ukrainian artists hold a plein air. Proceeds from the implementation of the plein air will be used to purchase the necessary medicines for soldiers who bravely defend our land.

For several weeks, six Ukrainian artists: Olena Zvir, Serhiy Hai, Nataliia Hai (Zastavna), Alina Khrapchynska, Maryna Dobrovolska, Andriy Chyzhov,  worked at the Blockhouse, inspired by the incredibly beautiful scenery and interesting art society. Meanwhile, they held a series of workshops for children, where children had the opportunity to try new original art techniques.
The result of all the work was the opening of a wonderful exhibition on the territory of the Blockhouse. You have the opportunity to visit our exhibition, enjoy and buy newly created works at:

Ahlhorner Fischteiche 2,  Großenkneten 26197

working hours:

Monday to Friday / 9am–11am, 4pm-6pm
Saturday / 12am–5pm
Sunday / by appointment

NoFilter Dubai 2022- Exhibition


The event is organized by DWTC in partnership with Dubai Tourism and is set to be the special Expo Dubai 2021 edition expecting over 70,000 visitors with hundreds of features and activities.  The show will be held for four days between 24-27 November in Dubai Harbour , a world-class maritime destination boasting the most advanced cruise terminal and the biggest marina in the region.   This upcoming event is organized to give the VIPS, families , art collectors, and public buyers the opportunities to explore and find new artworks

Art Salon Veles exhibits three famous ukrainian artists in NoFilterDubai 2022

Future Events

Sara Bernar ● Solomiya Krushelnytska. Tosca: life for the sake of art

We invite you to Ivan Dudych’s lecture “SARA BERNAR ● SOLOMIYA KRUSHELNYTSKA. TOSCA: life for the sake of art “, which will take place within the curatorial project of Galina Trintsolin” Art Deco and modern trends “in ART Salon VELES.
The goddess of secession – this is how Sarah Bernard is called. Solomiya Krushelnytska, the mistress of the musical Olympus of Art Nouveau among Battistini, Caruso, Ruffo and Chaliapin. The dramatic performance and the opera “Longing” changed the life of each of them, and the work itself became the leitmotif of the era.
The figures of the two Primas shine brightly on the horizon of theatrical art under the auspices of Melpomene – Sarah Bernard and Solomiya Krushelnytska. What do these two stars of the drama and opera scene have in common? After all, they have never met in life… However, they have much more in common than it may seem at first glance! .. What was the life of the two Prim? What unites them and, conversely, separates them polarly? Each of them is a reflection of its era, style and incredible power of talent! What is left in the shadow of the spotlights under the guise of mystery? We will discover together the well-known and unknown Sarah Bernard and Solomiya Krushelnytska.
The most important thing !!! We will visit the exhibition project “Art Deco and modern trends” and “Let’s meet” with Sarah Bernard and Solomiya Krushelnytska face to face! We will hear their voices, which brought to us the wax cylinder of the phonograph and the vinyl record. The lecture will feature an original graphic portrait of Sarah Bernard by “Spanish-Frenchman” Alfonso Lamott and a photo portrait of Solomiya Krushelnytska, which was the decoration of the concert poster for Carnegie Hall.
Give yourself unforgettable moments only with ART Salon VELES.
And remember, discovering the world of art at a rendezvous at ART Salon VELES is always fun!

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