Nataliia Pavlyuk

Nataliia Pavliuk & Liliya Lupul “Horizon patterns”

Nataliia Pavliuk – “My works are not just horizons, they are a definition of an environment of peace, love and warmth. It is important for me to broadcast inner light, a light smile, beauty and mystery of life. My landscapes are a search for myself, my place of strength and harmony.”Liliya Lupul – “I seek my peace and comfort in […]
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Nataliia Pavlyuk ” My little sea” Painting

My little sea Saying Had Set “My sea has been tapped into my life and began to appear in my canvases … There was plenty of room for me to accommodate this depth and space, the sky, the wind, the earth and the rocks. And the main thing is to contain his sound, the mood, the secret of the surface, […]
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