Igor Paliy

Igor Paliy “Group of goldfish fans”

Life unfolds as a carnival of the search expedition of the absolute, where the staff of the “goldfish” will come in handy.Sublimation, as part of the process of entry of people into the society of supporters of a carefree existence.“Goldfish”, as a source of fulfillment of all desires, is the object of desire, for which there is an uncompromising struggle.Igor […]
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Igor Paliy “…. for home using” Painting

“…minotaur for home use” The artist Igor Paliy belongs to a galaxy of Ukrainian artists who formed their creative style at the turn of the 80’s and 90’s. Searching for their own worldview of being reflected the tragedy of a person’s attitude that was thrown (almost by Heidegger) into the spiritual retort of interdependent, complementary, self-reproducing aesthetic visions reality. Paliy […]
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