• Late morning flooded with honey sun with dewdrops on living plants that fill the soul with dreams and life!
  • What are we talking about?
  • About how food grows. Do we always know what we are consuming? Most of us do not think about it. And how do we feel about the type of food?
  • We invite you to intelligent food consumption!
  • We have opened a new art project “Gastrographics”. It combines gastronomy and art, there is a new synthesis of flavors, ingredients, visual images.
  • What is exclusivity?
  • The chef personally carries out the whole process “from seed to plate”
  • Constantly improvises with ingredients and each time it is a completely new work, a new palette of flavors and colors
  • It is pure organic
  • Each brunch / lunch is exclusive and does not involve repetitions
  • You will try gastronomic still lifes not only from plants, flowers, mushrooms, berries, vegetables, but also from exquisite cheeses, meat and fish
  • You will have a unique opportunity to see a film that will introduce you to the process “from seed to table”, the opportunity to communicate with the chef every time, who will tell you about each dish, and maybe you will be lucky and you will learn secret recipes
  • Really focused on a narrow society (8-10 people)
  • Such artistic meetings in a narrow circle give birth to new acquaintances and friendships, give a pleasant and interesting communication that will form a new taste for life.
  • And all this will take place in the art space, where there are constantly changing exhibitions, and such an atmosphere will complete the composition of your emotions and impressions
  • Such meetings leave an incredible aftertaste and you will want to come back to us again and again!

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