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For a gallery owner, there are two main problems – what to sell and to whom to sell. We need to form our own pool of artists, which would be different from the pool of other galleries, embodying my aesthetic views, my attitude to art. And, of course, we need a circle of clients who would be on the same wavelength with the gallery.

How does it happen

We like artists who live in line with the visual tradition and contemporary trends. When we look at the picture and feel the state in which the artist painted it, we resonate with it, the painting opens up for us with new facets and its emotional charge does not dry out. These are such multi-layered, multi-valued works that do not get boring and do not become outdated. Most often, these are artists who continue the traditions of modernist painting, but they have novelty, and search, and revelation, and uniqueness.


Therefore, when someone asks me about investing in art, I focus not only on money, but also on emotions, on creating the environment in which you live. How art affects a person is no less valuable than the profit that can be obtained, although it will also be with the right choice of a work of art.

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The gallery has three main areas of work – we form private and corporate collections, we select art for the interior and for business gifts. Hence the categories of clients: private collectors; companies that form corporate collections; designers or private clients who select art for their interiors; top managers of large companies who need individual expensive gifts for their partners.

One of the most interesting and responsible things in my work is organizing exhibitions. This is a great creative work, which includes choosing an artist / artists, creating a concept, preparing texts, selecting works, creating an exhibition, inviting guests and organizing a vernissage.

This is an opportunity for an artist to look at his works from the outside, in a new light, and for a gallery – to show his author to the largest possible number of viewers, to attract additional attention to him, as well as a way to promote himself in the information space.

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