FAMOUS ARTIST  Volodymyr Semkiv

He jokingly calls his work “artistic schizophrenia”, because he creates more conceptual things for the public, but for himself – plastic, energetic, alive.

Volodymyr sculpted from plasticine since childhood. But the parents believed that the artist was a poor future. That’s why I studied to be a lawyer. Over time, I realized: do not sit down. He entered the Lviv Academy of Arts, sculpture. And now teaches the viewer to think


2007-2013 – studies at the Lviv National Academy of Arts
2011-2012 – studies at the Gdańsk Academy of Arts (Poland)
2012 – first place in the Student Sculpture Competition dedicated to Balzac, Alliance Francaise
2013 – sculpture “Saint Onuphrius” Studynets tract, Yavoriv district. Lviv region
2014 – second place in the Competition of the Monument to the Heavenly Hundred, co-authored with Julia Semkiv, Ternopil City
2014–2015 – “Tomorrow” project. Part 1, co-authored with Roman Gaideichuk (Temporary project). The area in front of the Lviv Regional State Administration. Lviv
2015 – first place in the competition “Wall of Memory of the Heavenly Hundred”, co-authored with Semkov Julia, Ivano-
Frankivsk City Council
2019 – first place in the Competition of the monument to S. Pushyk, Ivano-Frankivsk City Council

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Volodymyr Semkiv works with marble, makes bronze and aluminum sculptures, and casts in cast iron.
“Here I have a sculpture of a man’s torso. For now, I call him “The Runner.” This is our civilization. We are moving somewhere-moving-moving. Our time is accelerating-accelerating .. We have a completely different pace than 50 years ago. Another way to think about where we’re going, whether it’s always necessary. ”

Volodymyr says: people want clear prose, and artists instead give them poetry for reflection. Even in sculpture: “They want the fist to be clenched in the sculpture, the boots to be, to have a suit. That there was a gun. Or, if it is a figure, then it should be properly glued. “Why is his eye bigger and smaller?” And we give them poetry – the unspoken. Art should ask questions, not answer them! ”

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