Sergiy Hai

Born in 1959 in Lviv where currently lives and works. Graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art in 1986. The artist is a member of a National Artist’s Union of Ukraine since 1995. Since 2003 is a member the “BG-ART” association. According to edition “100 artist. Modern and Contemporary Ukrainian art Since Independence.” belongs to hundred of the best artists of Ukraine. Teaches pictorial art at the design department in National Forestry and Wood-Technology University of Ukraine in Lviv.

Art of Sergiy Hai represents “ his almighty – painting” in clear self-performance. The author is master of huge laconic combinations. Usually composition is built on two or three dominating colors. But in this only there are so many nuances, tonal, vibrating as the petals on wind transitions, so many colors. Like on the canvases painted red, the emerald greenery settle fire of all the composition. There are so much refined tints: from black and warm brown to ultramarine and light lemon glimmering, cold, like the sheen of sun in spring water. Artistic subject of canvas is movable and it seems that the observer was present on the process of painting himself. In everything, created by Hai is present the aura of glimmering color of stained-glass. For those who can watch and see, this color extravagance – is unspeakable enjoyment.

The world of Sergey Hai is autonomous, his art has its own face, and can not be mixed with some other. But this individuality has a double nature: as much concrete as intangibly teasing and that’s why especially beckoning by its style, painting, complicated surface of canvases.

Color layers sometimes resemble the surface of stark magma – composition style is performed like mosaic, or painted by light glazing, or spontaneously drawn, even harrowed by sharp blade.

In this newly found world the signs, colors and images influence the observer like the reality itself. The emotion, hot passion of author is transferred to “ others”, transformed in the observer’s emotional feelings, who, like bewitched pilgrim, has already been taken prisoner of colorful whirl, universe, dreamed and created by S. Hai. Even more so, the author has never betray either freshness of view or his skills. (Olga PETROVA)

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