FAMOUS ARTIST  Ivan Turetskyy

In the liquid stream of time our life is a labyrinth. Its course resembles a kaleidoscope of shapes, tones, colours, emotions, feelings and impressions. Becoming aware of the labyrinth is an intuitive creative step that each person makes and that leads to his or her inevitable evolution. Abstract art is a definitive form of expression of the process of knowing oneself and of the world in the infinite space of the liquid time.


Colour and space are the main elements, which, being revealed by light, play a key role in the subject matter of each Turetskyy painting: “The concept of colour, for me, is of paramount importance. The colours in my works are more important than the objects, because people can experience a wide range of emotions through colours”

In his art, Ivan Turetskyy poses a philisophical question of self-awareness through symbols and signs, shapes and colours, light and shadow, through the music. He offers the concept og the labyrinth as a symbol of life and destiny.

We usually try to plan our lives ahead, meticulously calculating each step. Often, though, our predictions and plans require adjustments or complete change. Ivan Turetskyy suggest that it is easier to walk through the labyrinths if we follow our hearts. Reliant on past experiences of joy and pain, our heart leads us along the path of least resistance and least errors. The most important thing in the labyrinth is time. According to Turetskyy, time can neither be stopped nor can it be negotiated. It is therefore crusial to always remember that it’s important to spend less time in dead ends and always to move ahead.

First of all, there is painting in his life where he is trying to combine his two passions – Baroque and Abstraction. His painting by their stylistics remind of imaginative potraits of Arcimboldo, and Boccioni’s, Bogomasov’s, Exter’s Futuristic experiments. The author’s idea is to create a kind of 3D-crossword of colour and texture, in which anyone, considering their mood, perception of world and power of imagination would be able to see their own interpretation of story. As the author says: “I don’t want to accentuate a story. I want a rewier to read it himself. As when you are looking at an ornament, shadows clouds… and see figures there. The most exciting thing for me is the game of light, when you, for example, enter an old cathedral where the rays of sun are coming through stained glass. And when with decor, gilding, carving and murals together it creates phenomenal light textures. It is impossible to paint. Though I am doing my best”.

A distinct part of Ivan Turetskyy’s painting is his expressive thrilling literally perceptible to one’s ear, musicality. Music here is more than a source of emotional inspiration. Ivan Turetskyy is attentively seeking rhythmic self-worth in every painting which on its own duty is defining  the plasticity of form. But on the parity terms with colour.

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