Disassembling the world into molecules, do not forget to build your own.

In each Paliy’s work from now on there is a formula of Trinity – the principle of beginning, end and the moment which exists between the beginning and the end. A woman and man, emotional freedom and emotional attachment, yin and yang, life and death, God and Devil, use of contrast colours as polarity that is the background for invisible display on the canvas of the third dimension. The third dimension of an artist is life itself which contains simultaneously interaction of opposites and possibilities of their manifestation in time.

After his long research into Eastern  and Western models of philosophy Paliy in exhilaration invents his own unique technique and manner which will unite East and West in a clear scheme of universal laws of world structure.

Such technique has become Paliy’s unique famous manner of visual communication with his viewer. In paintings one should follow the genesis of colour, for instance, from blue to orange and till the harmony that is created between them. The role of a human body is an organic element of space as a pause or silence. Such succession is a quintessence of the moment “here and now”.

Igor skillfully uses abstraction as a method of producing concentration from the moment of time and plot, which develops at this moment of time in his unique Western European Hamlet’s rationalism combined with Eastern mysticism – to be and not to be simultaneously.

In spite of the fact that the painter’s manner gravitates to abstract expressionism, similarly to Villem de Kooning or Gerhard Richter, Paliy does not reject figurative images of a human body. The forms painted in the space of the painting are organically merged with its geometry, their bodies are deformed under the influence og the laws of the painting structure and laws of the Universe.

The artist’s canvases are bright, dynamic, filled with emotions and profound meaning. At first sight it may seems that they are painted in an emotional impulse, however Paliy approaches his work in a very serious manner and by right is considered one of the most competent and technically precise painters of contemporary Ukraine.

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