About Us

The beautiful in life, the beautiful in art helps a person to live, helps to perform the difficult task of life, because it is beautiful that straightens his soul. Art is the mediator of what cannot be expressed.


ART SALON VELES was founded in 2013 as an art center for artists of the Western Region of Ukraine.The main direction of the Veles salon is contemporary art.We organized more than 90 exhibitions of Ukrainian artists. In addition various projects: “Nude”, “Flora”, “Cabinet”, “Andersen’s Tales: Dolls and Watercolors”, etc., participated in the international project “Art in the interior”. In September 2017, there was an exhibition (presented by 12 artists, 60 works) in Beijing, at the Museum of Art.

Veles was one of the exhibitors at the International Symposium on Blown Glass, in Lviv 2016. In April 2018, we participated in the prestigious International Art Fair “World Art Dubai,took 2nd place awards.
Art Salon Veles – more then 7 years of successful experience on the artmarket: – many clients from different countries. Contemporary art is the main direction of Art salon Veles. The gallery presents works of famous Ukrainian artists.

The Beginning


Art is something that distinguishes us humans from the animal world. We exist to create and convey the necessary aesthetics, the energy of goodness and light that will fill and nurture our future generations.


Art project “Cabinet” There was a synthesis of the past and modern works of painting, graphics, decorative arts of Galicia. The refined subjectivity of the works encourages a certain mood and reflection, creating the atmosphere of the office.


It was the beginning of the emergence of a large-scale All-Ukrainian project, which will unite all regions of Ukraine in one exhibition space of the Atrium.
GENESIS is not just a group exhibition, but a clear selection of works of art and names that outline the facets of modern art and are the foundation of the creative present.


On September 21, 2017, the project “Art Integration” / Art Integration was opened in Beijing at the Shevchenko Museum. The organizers of the project are Art Salon Veles and the Beijing Academy of Arts and Calligraphy. The exhibition presents 12 artists


Art salon “Veles” takes part in the international art event World Art Dubai 2018, which presents Ukrainian art. Exhibited paintings by Serhiy Hai, Petro Lebedynets, Igor Shumskyi. We’re nomenee in the category of Gallery Award.


Miniature is an art form that has a very long history, so we lived through its story and showed how well-known authors perceive the world around them in an unconventional way.

Sophistication & conceptuality of contemporary art


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