Vasyl Fedoruk “Dedication to Morandi”

  • The beginning of the XX century gave the world countless genius writers, musicians and, of course, artists. Today we perceive this as the norm, but it is worth thinking about the fact that every second of them was in one or another creative association, contributed to the development of art, and someone even became the founder of a new style. Among the representatives of creative professions were nuggets who chose their own, special path. One of them was the artist Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964). The work of the great Italian painter and graphic artist can be regarded as a completely unique phenomenon in the art of the beginning of the last century. Morandi entered the history of painting as the author of a huge number of the most talented still lifes, made in the spirit of magical realism. The real and the idealized on his canvases form a paradoxical harmony between the absolute orderliness of the composition and the inconsistency of colors.
  • He was greatly influenced by the work of Paul Cezanne. But unlike him, the artist was not a revolutionary, loudly declaring his innovation. He remained himself and, without changing his own principles, step by step moved towards the goals. For which he was highly praised by critics and loving the general public during his lifetime.
  • The author of chamber still lifes Morandi is called a “master of silence”, his paintings are usually devoid of plot, they are dominated by color shades and transitions – white, gray, ocher. For Morandi, the traditional genre of painting became an inexhaustible source of creative search and experimentation with shades and form. The color scheme in which the artist worked most of his life is associated with fresco painting and the early Renaissance – which, of course, is no accident for the Italian. A consistent modernist, Morandi, deliberately abandons complex forms, paying attention to the search for the “essence of the subject” and the “depth of things.” His paintings often form a series – jugs, bottles and vessels, depicted in various combinations. The simplest household items in Moranda look in flight and almost devoid of volume.

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