Volodymyr Semkiv.

Date of birth April 15, 8,

2007-2013 student of the Lviv National Academy of Arts

2011-2012 student of the Gdansk Academy of Arts (academic exchange program), Poland Artificial practice: I work with the form, its possibilities in different carriers. In the first place, I am interested in the relation of sculpture (object) to space and time.

Objects in the public space:

2016 Memorial “The Memory of Heaven”, co-authored with Semkiv Yulia, Ivano-Frankivsk,

2014-2015 Project ” Tomorrow”. Part1, co-authored with Roman Gaydyychuk (Temporary project). Square in front of Lviv Regional State Administration. Lviv; 2013 Sculpture “Saint Onufriy” tract of Studynets, Yavoriv district. Lviv region.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

2018 Exhibition “Virtus” Art salon “Veles”, Lviv.

2018 Exhibition “Transfiguration” Museum of Scenography, Lviv. Ukraine;

2017 Group 162, Exhibition of sculptures. Center of Sheptytsky Ukrainian Catholic University. Lviv,

2017 Exhibition “Sculpture. Painting, jointly with Semkiv Julia Art Salon “Veles” Lviv;

2016 Group 162, Exhibition and presentation of a street gallery project within the framework of the “Workshop of the City”. Lviv,

2015 Group 162, Exhibition of sculptures. Gallery of the Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts. Lviv,

2015 Exhibition of medals created within the framework of the XXX International Symposium of Medallion. Gallery of the Academy of Arts of Vilnius, Telsiai, Lithuania;

2015 Integration project, Lviv National Gallery of Art; B. Voznitsky.Lviv, 2014 “Tomorrow” Project, Part. 0 National Museum in Lviv. Lviv,

2014 CAMERA project, Museum “Prison on Lontsky”, Lviv,

2013 “Pepek” project, Gallery “E”, Ivano-Frankivsk, 2012 “BIAŁY” project, Sitespecific Gallery, Gdansk, Poland 2011 Exhibition “Drawing 4 “, French Cultural Center, Lviv.

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