“Otherwise live, than to draw, I can not.”
Was born 1954 in Kiev, Ukraine.
1966-1972 Art School in Kiev.
1973-1978 Graduated from the State Institute of Applied and Decorative arts in Lviv
From 1998 Year-member of National union Of Artists of Ukraine

Participation in Exhibitions:

1987 Republican Art Exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine “Young Artists of the USSR”, Moscow, Russia.
1989-1990 “Soviart”, Munich, Germany.
1991 Odense, Denmark is the First International Biennial of the Ukrainian artist.
1992 “Ukrainian Art” Wuppertal, Germany
1993 Exhibition-Coekolare, Belgium. “Ukraine-93” Munich.
1994 “Wind from the East”, Munich. Linz, Austria.
1995 “International Art”, Skoelskor, Denmark.

1996 “Ukrainian Painters”-Antwerp, Belgium.
1997 “OLD Names-new meetings” Munich.
“New Ukraine” Bonn, Germany.
1998 “60 Anniversary Of Ukraine”, Kyiv.
Open-Art Gallery, Munich
2001 Group Exhibition “Hermes”, Lyon, France.
2003 “Art-Expo”, New York, USA.
2006 Chateau de la Prairie Guebwiller, France
2007 Gallery Michel de Klika Chardonnay, France
ART-Festival “Ukrainian House” Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 “Art Map Of Ukraine”. Museum of contemporary Ukrainian art Kyiv, Ukraine
2012-“Great Periz”, Lavra, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013-IV Fine Art Ukraine, “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, Kyiv, Ukraine
Some Personal Exhibitions
1992 Gallery “Galart”-Personal exhibition, Lviv
1997 Gallery “Mayer”, Rosenheim, Germany
2003 Fulda, Germany
2006 Fundacja Sztuki “Abdank Polska” Warsaw, Poland
2010 National Art Museum Of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
2011 National Museum of Lviv, Ukraine
2015 Lviv Gallery, Ukraine

2018 Personal Exhibition in the Lviv Art Gallery
Participant in many international exhibitions, large-scale presentations of national art in Ukraine and abroad. His works are in the museum collections of Ukraine and foreign private collections.

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