Valeriy Pirogov was born in 1962 in M. Orel, Russia. In 1981 he graduated from Orel Art School, in 1990-Kharkov art-Industrial Institute. From 1984 he participates in Republican, all-union, international exhibitions. Member Of The National Union of artists of Ukraine.

The Real reality, recognized as an unexpected collision with himself,-the main theme of the sculpture of Valery Pirogov. The Border between work and spectator in Pirogov is extremely movable. His works gravitate to the destruction of the barrier between real life and art. The Sculptor chooses for himself the position of an observer, sometimes with love laughing at his characters. The Prose story in sculptural compositions by Pirogov imperceptibly turns into subtle lyrical poetry, fulfillment of wisdom and humanity. In the implementation of the master every moment of everyday existence is unique and significant. The Sculpture of Pirogov interesting inclusion in it the signs of human habitat. Mostly It is natural landscape – green lawns, birds, butterflies, or just trunk trees. The Developed flair and tact, love to everything, the person living, allows the sculptor to recover the simplest story, to show the natural beauty in everyday life.

Art Critic Larisa Savitskaya, from the album “Harmony of Plastics”

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