2009 Lviv Art Palace “Nuance” (Lviv, Ukraine) Art-Basel Miami Beach Art Festival, “Love to Woman” (Miami Beach, USA)

2008-2009 Hotel Hyatt Regency, exhibition (October- Gallery “Dzyga” Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine.) 2004Ukrainian Institute in America in New York (New York, USA).

2007 Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Ukraine.)

2007Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Ukraine.)

2005Gallery “Mironov and Gusovky” USA. Gallery “Mironova i Gusovky” (Kiev, Ukraine.)

2003 “Marine art gallery” project “Winners of the Art rating of Ukraine” (Odessa, Ukraine.)

2002 Center for Contemporary Art “Owls” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Gallery “Mystets” (Kiev, Ukraine)

2000 “Alla Rogers Gallery” Gallery (Washington, USA). Embassy of Ukraine in Washington DC (Washington, USA.) Ukrainian Institute of America in Washington (Washington, USA).

1997 Gallery “Maier Gallery” (Rosenheim, Germany)

1995 “Century Gallery” Gallery (London, UK)

1994 “Slavutich” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine.)

1990 National Museum (Lviv, Ukraine.)

2003 International International Art Fair “Art Moscow” (Moscow, Russia.) Lviv Art Palace “Autumn International Salon” (Lviv, Ukraine.) 2001 “City N” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine.)

2000 “Anixis Gallery” Gallery (Baden, Switzerland). Gallery “Art Feldlin” (Zurich, Switzerland.)

1998 “International exhibition of contemporary art” Europ’art “(Geneva, Switzerland; catalog) Lviv Art Palace” Autumn Salon “(Lviv, Ukraine; jury diploma, catalog.) International Art Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine; catalog) “Exhibition of Three” in the “Minolta” (Rosenheim, Germany)

1997 Liv International Art Festival (Kiev, Ukraine; catalog) Khmelnitsky Museum of Contemporary Art “Robinsonada” (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine; catalog)

1996 International Art Festival (Kiev, Ukraine) Ukrainian Embassy in the USA (Washington, USA) Ukrainian Embassy in the United States (New York, USA) Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Philadelphia, USA) Lviv Palace of Arts – Independence Exhibition Ukraine (Lviv, Ukraine; Catalog)

1995 International Art Festival “Art Fair” (Kyiv, Ukraine; catalog)

1994 International Biennale “Sribny Square” (Carpathian Region, Ukraine)

1993 International Exhibition “Impreza” (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; diploma of the jury in the category of painting, catalog.)

1991 International exhibition “Impreza” (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; diploma of the jury in the category of painting.)

1990County of Soviet Culture “Contemporary Lviv Painting” (Warsaw, Poland).

1989 International Exhibition “Impreza” (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; catalog)

1988 Republican Autumn Exhibition (Kiev, Poltava, Ukraine.)

1987 Museum of Contemporary Art (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Kyiv, Ukraine) Museum of Contemporary Art (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine). Galleries and collections: “TEW Galleries” (Atlanta, USA) “Mironov Gallery” (Kiev, Ukraine) “OR” gallery (Kiev, Ukraine.) “Century Gallery” (London, United Kingdom.) “Maier Gallery “(Rosenheim, Germany.) Cristina Rüberaiter (Rosenheim, Germany)” Alla Rogers Gallery “(Washington, USA)” Anixis Gallery “(Baden, Switzerland) Gallery Mironova and Husovkyy “(Kyiv, Ukraine).

Born in 1959 in the city of Lviv, where he lives and works to this day. In 1986 he graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (LDPEPDM). Since 1995 Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Since 2003 he has been a member of the “BZ-ART” association. Included in the hundred best artists of Ukraine, according to the publication: “100 names. The contemporary art of Ukraine during the period of Independence. “Teaches painting at the Department of Design of the National Forestry University of Ukraine in Lviv. Personal exhibitions: 2016Ukrainian Institute of America, exhibition” Sergey Gai: Painting “(New York, USA). Gallery” TEW Galleries “(Atlanta , USA “Triptych ART” gallery, “One hundred kinds of Mount Fuji” exhibition (Kyiv, Ukraine.) 2014 “TEW Galleries” Gallery (Atlanta, USA) 2013Geri Bowman Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine.) Triptych ART Gallery , Exhibition “Painting” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Gallery “Mironov Gallery”, exhibition “You (Ukraine). “TEW Galleries” Gallery (Atlanta, USA). 2011 “TEW Galleries” gallery (Atlanta, USA). Gallery “Tornby” (Skagen, Denmark.) 2010 Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine. Gallery “Volga” (Moscow, Russia.) Gallery “Art Estate” (Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine) Gallery “Gary Bowman” (Lviv, Ukraine.) Art Festival Scope Art Fair-2010 and the week of contemporary art Armory Arts Week (New York, USA) National Art Club (New York, USA)

Collective Exhibitions:  2016 Center for Contemporary Art “M-17”, Art Salon “Art in the Interior” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Lviv Palace of Arts, International Highland Castle “2016” (Lviv, Ukraine) Center for Contemporary Art International Exhibition “Crossroads of Roads” (Grodno, Belarus). Lviv Palace. International Exhibition “Crossroads of the Roads” (Grodno, Belarus). Exhibition “White World. Space of the Force” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Art-salon “Veles”, exhibition “Niu” (Lviv, Ukraine. Art “Spring Salon” (Lviv, Ukraine.) Art-salon “Veles”, exhibition “Flora” (Lviv, Ukraine.) Gallery “Workshop”, performances The “Women and Flowers” (Kyiv, Ukraine). “Sofia Kyivska” National Reserve, Metropolitan’s House, Charity Auction “Art Volunteer” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Fortress Gallery “Bastion”, exhibition of works “Goshivsky Christmas Plener” (Ivano -Frankivsk, Ukraine.) 2015Geri Bowman Gallery, Christmas Exhibition (Lviv, Ukraine.) “Goshivsky Christmas Plenir”, participation in charity auction, diploma-gratitude. (Goshiv, Ukraine) Zett Zwo Gallery, Double Layer Exhibition (Durlach, Germany). Museum of Contemporary Art, Light and Shadow Exhibition (Kiev, Ukraine; catalog.) Triptych ART Gallery, Exhibition Lviv Summer Palace “(Lviv, Ukraine.) Art-salon” Veles “(Lviv, Ukraine.) Lviv National Art Gallery,” World of Kota “exhibition (Lviv, Ukraine).” Summer Divertissement “(Kiev, Ukraine.) Lviv Palace of Arts,” Spring Salon ” Charity auction “A Minute Saves Life” (Lviv, Ukraine). International Art Plenery “Colors of Vilnius” (Vilnius, Lithuania) Gallery “Tr Gallery “Triptych ART”, exhibition “Christmas Divertissement” (Kiev, Ukraine.) Triptych Gallery, exhibition “Dejavu and Dejan” (Kyiv, Ukraine.) 2014Art- The gallery “Triptych ART” (Kiev, Ukraine.) The international plein air on the island of Brac (Brach Island, Croatia). The gallery “Triptych ART” (Kiev, Ukraine.) The gallery “Triptych” (Lviv, Ukraine). International plein air organized by UCU (Bieszczady, Poland.) 2013 Lviv Art Palace “Spring Salon” (Lviv, Ukraine) Gallery “Art collection”, exhibition ” Ukrainian Eroticism “(Kiev, Ukraine.) UCU Museum, popliner exhibition (Lviv, Ukraine.) The Faimont Grand Hotel,” Silent auction “(Kiev, Ukraine.) Tornby Gallery, Painting exhibition (Skagen, Denmark.) 2012 “Green sofa” gallery, Christmas exhibition (Lviv, Ukraine.) Lviv Art Palace “Autumn Salon” (Lviv, Ukraine.) Vienna Art Fair “Vienna Fair-2012” (Vienna, Austria) Art Folk Art Museum Kyiv, Ukraine.) “Triptych Art” gallery, “Spring divertissement” (Kiev, Ukraine.) 2011UKU “Silent auction” (Kiev, Ukraine.) International Fair of Modern About Art “Art Moscow 2011” (Moscow, Russia.) Green Canpa Gallery, Art Project “Museum” (Lviv, Ukraine.) International plein air in Nemunayzio (Nemunayzio, Lithuania) Lviv Palace of Arts “Neighbors” (Lviv, Ukraine) The exhibition “The Process” (Lviv, Ukraine.) The “Spring Salon” SCU diploma in the painting nomination (Lviv, Ukraine.) 2010 International Art Modern Fair “Art Moscow 2010” (Moscow, Russia.) Primus Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine.) 2008 International Art Fair “Europa Art Fair” (Geneva, Switzerland.) Volga Gallery, Savch Exhibition NKO, Belsky, Guy (Moscow, Russia.) 2007 Gallery “Art 11”, exhibition dedicated to March 8 (Lviv, Ukraine.) 2006 International Fair of Contemporary Art “Art Manege – 2006” (Moscow, Russia.) Gallery “Volga” (Moscow, Russia.) Ukrainian Institute of America (.New York, USA.), Together with Bevza, Bazha, Zhuravlya, Bilyk, “Locker room” project (.Gurzuf, Crimea, Ukraine.) “Soviart” Center together with the ” BJ-Art “(Kiev, Ukraine.) 2005 International Art Fair” Art Manege – 2005 “(Moscow, Russia.)

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