Oleg  Kapustyak (July 23, 1962, Lviv) – a Ukrainian sculptor, restorer, participant in many art exhibitions. Works in the field of small plastics and easel sculpture. Basic materials – bronze, steel, stone. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine in 1985. Graduated from the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in the specialty “Ceramics”. Teachers had Dmitry Krvavich and Nikolai Posikiru. From childhood he was fond of painting, but Krvavich saw the talent of the sculptor and advised him to sculpt. In 1989, under the patronage of the sculptor Lubomyr Yaremchuk, he was accepted into the creative group of artists in Sednev, where he worked in the same studio with Petr Antip two months. Receiving inspiration from his temperament, the vision of the form, he created for a series of steel “Fight with a rat”, “Walupurhive Night”, “Portrait of a colleague”. For several years, together with Polish colleagues, he was engaged in restoration of tombs and monuments at the Lychakivsky cemetery, in particular, restoring the tombstone Shashkevych. Before that, Oleg Kapustyak restored the sculptures of Pinzel at the Cathedral of Jura, the goddess Diana at the Market and even the Opera House in Odessa. In 2015, I participated in the restoration of a monument at Ivan Franko’s grave under the project of the Ministry of National Culture and Heritage of Poland.

Participation in symposiums:

2014 – Kaniv. Ukraine (granite), Olesko. Ukraine (Oak)

2012 – Radomyshl. Ukraine (granite) 2011 – Drohobych. Ukraine (oak), Kaniv. Ukraine (granite)

2009 – Sumy. Ukraine (Poplar)

2007 – Svyatogorsk. Ukraine (sandstone)

2005 – Gurzuf. Crimea (limestone)

1997 – Minsk. Belarus (dolomite)

1996 – Olesko. Ukraine (limestone)

Personal and group exhibitions:

2015 – Kyiv. Great Sculpture Salon

2014 – Kyiv. Triennale sculpture

2012 – Kiev. Great Sculpture Salon

2011 – Kyiv. Triennale sculpture

2010 – Kiev. Great Sculpture Salon

2007 – Kyiv. And the salon of sculpture, Ukrainian House

2005 – Kyiv. Triennale sculpture, B. Kh. M. – II prize.

2000 – Lviv. De Novo, International Symposium of Art.

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