Lyudmyla born in May 11, 1956 Pechenga city, Murmansk region (Russia). The novelty of pictorial thinking is a distinctive feature of creativity Lyudmila Korzh-Radko. Ludmila’s works differ significantly from the works of other authors. They are remembered for a long time. She has the courage of creative search, the desire to manifest the author’s individuality. From 1968 to 1975 studied at the Republican Art School Taras Shevchenko in Kiev, one of the most prestigious specialized educational institutions in Ukraine. From 1975 to 1980 she studied at the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Also she works in the genre of monumental, easel painting and book graphics. Lyudmyla is a Teacher of Uzhgorod College name after A. Erdeli. Circle of Lyudmila’s images – concentrated expressions of poetic-philosophical concepts. The rich inner world penetrates through the drawings of its work. Many years of creative pursuits in graphic arts and painting, the chamber philosophical nature of the artist resulted in a whole system of figurative conventions. Her creative style is distinguished by elegance, elegant linearity and decorative. Women’s images occupy a central place in the artist’s work. Frozen Ladies on canvases are conventional shapes, which combine the eternal opposite concepts of Yin and Yang. These images are static, motion is almost absent. The laconicism of the figurative means supports the general elegiac sounding. The observation is the basis of Lyudmila’s creativity. Conditional only exacerbates observation. Is only the eyes of a woman capable of revealing his inner world? External manifestations of silent emotions Mrs. artist hides in the intricacies of fingers. In unpretentious plots, calm tones, the routine of characters, the artist skillfully demonstrates profound professionalism and immediacy. The completeness of ideas about man and the world reflects not only Ludmila’s painting, but also book graphics. One of the works is an illustration of “Decameron” by D. Boccaccio. Arsenal of artistic means, laconicism and sharpness of the artist’s picture managed to convey not only the spirit of the Renaissance. The object of the image is the world of human emotions and relationships. Without naturalism and excessive specificity, the artist decodes the images, where the main thing is the language of the signs and facial expressions. In the works of Lyudmila – the mood anthropologist. Her work always differs by a light, smooth, confident pattern, with a soft, harmonious color. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he does not perceive creativity as a conveyor, where the daily norm is a masterpiece. Therefore, one can afford to draw what he feels without claims of originality and recognition.

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