Tryntsolyn Evelina was born on 08.01.1986. village Rozhnyatov. Ukrainian artist works in the direction of artistic glass, lend art, painting. Graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts in the workshop of Academician A. Bokotey. She has been engaged in exhibitions since 2005, a multiple participant of all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions, pleiners, and symposiums. From 2012 -2015 there were 3 personal exhibition. The works are in private collections of Ukraine, Luxembourg, China, Austria and the USA.

Main exhibitions and promotions:

2005. – body art to the day of the city of Lion;

2006 – International painting plein air in Turun (Poland)

2006. – exhibition 4mashion, glass museum (Lviv)

2006 – exhibition of glass in the castles of Uzhhorod and Mukachevo

2007. – Participation in the exhibition “Songs about Love”, Kyiv National Museum of Ethnography

2008 – Participation in the International Symposium of Bubble Glass 2008 – Defense of the Bachelor’s Degree (Museum of Art Glass, Lviv) 2009 – participated in the exhibition “He, she and nobody else “(Lviv, Museum of Ideas)

2009. – Exhibition “Turn on the light bulb” in Rzhnyatov

2009 –  plein air for the ethno festival “Boykofest”, Ivano-Frankivsk region

2010 – complex design of the living interiors art glass on the topic “Crystallization of time”

2010 – ecological project on the Kimberzha Kiva (land art)

2010 – participating in the 8th International Symposium of Hut glass

2010 – participation in the exhibition “Space and Time”, National Ethnographic Museum, Lviv, Ukraine. – Land art objects within the framework of the “Fortmija” festival in Popovichi in 2012. – Land art object within the framework of the festival “Mythogenesis”, Vinnytsya

2012 – a personal exhibition, “Tea factory” in Odessa

2012 – Lend-art objects, Polish – Ukrainian plein air Cape Meganom

2013r – Participation in the exhibition of bells glass of young artists, within the framework of the ninth International Symposium of Bubble Glass, Lviv, Ukraine,

2015 – personal exhibition “Microclimate” Kharkiv City Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine,

2011 – 10th International Symposium Flute “Art Salon” Veles “, Lvov

2017 – 7th International Glass Festival, Luxembourg

2018 – All-Ukrainian project” Carpathian Space “Y.-Frankivsk

2018 – Exhibition of Art. Glass “Generation”, art space “Tree of Life” Kyiv

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