Тамара Грідяєва

2011-The most outstanding young painter of the first decade of 21st century. Poland

2010 – scholarship “Gaude Polonia” [from Ministry of Culture, Poland],
Department of Intermedia (Interactive Action Studio), Academy of fine arts, Poznan, Poland.
Subject: «REPRESЕNTATION (1.4 ) »audiovisual, interactive project 2010 8-18.2010,
AULA GALLERY- the University of the Arts in Poznan / as a part of MEDIATIONS BIENNALE/

2004 -2008 -postgraduate studies at Lviv National Academy of Art;

1998 -2004 – Lviv National Academy of Art

2009- teacher of painting at Lviv National Academy of Art;

2007-2008: cooperation (curator of artists of Lviv region) with a gallery in Sanok, Poland

2003-2007: teacher of drawing at Lviv Ivan Trush College of Decorative and Applied Art

2005-2006: reviewer of diplomas projects and master’s degrees works of graduating students of department of the monumental-decorative painting of the Lviv national academy of arts.
Interests: сontemporary аrt (author technologies), video graphics, photography, installation, curator activity.
Participation in joint projects (selective):

2011:” Life in Pink” / video project 20.02 – 27.02. 2011 ,Florence /Symbolic meaning of pink in the aesthetic(of consumerism), art and culture from 18 th till today/

2011: “Portrait of an Artist” video project / YOU+ I.Candice Breitz. Portrait of an Artist /,

12.02-17.04.2011: PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv

2010: «REPRESЕNTATION (1.4) »audiovisual, interactive project 2010 8-18.2010,AULA GALLERY-the University of the Arts in Poznan / as a part of MEDIATIONS BIENNALE/
2010: Cultural Festival “Ukrainian Spring”18.05/ 2010,interactive -sound-music project for polish band “Karbido”(Poland)& Jurii Andruchowycz (Ukraine)
2009: ”TRANSFORMATOR’’26-30/08+04/2009, Lviv – audiovisual installation «REPRESЕNTATION (1.0) »

2009: “Week for Contemporary Art “7”, 28.08 – 06.09/ 2009, Lviv – audiovisual installation « REPRESЕNTATION (1.1) », « REPRESЕNTATION (1.0)» ,”LAYERS”

2008: “Week for Contemporary Art”7”, 15-21/ 2008, Lviv – audiovisual project “Construction Process”
“Przestrzenie plaszczyzny” Sanok – Krosno, Poland – visual project “Construction
Process”, «REPRESЕNTATION (1.1)»
conceptual project “Cold,” Lviv -– installation “BREND”
“The Art Map of Ukraine,” the Museum of Modern Fine Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv – visual project «REPRESЕNTATION (1.0)» ‘”WHITE Presentation”

2007: the 7th International Presentation of Creative Artists, Krakow,
Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Poland – visual project “Structure of Movement 1.0”
Polish-Ukrainian Art project “ 2007” – visual project “ ¼ of a SQUARE”

2005: Kanneltalossa Ukrainalaista nykytaidetta, Helsinki, Finland
photoinstallation exhibition “We are coming…”, Lviv, Rzeszow, Toronto fotoinstallation