Ivan Turetskyy


Ivan Turetsky was born on August 17, 1956 in Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation). Graduated from Lviv Art College. I. Trusha In 1982 he graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (LNAM). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Co-founder of the Ukrainian Heraldry Society. In addition to painting and graphics, he works creatively in various genres of applied arts. The author of many territorial and private coats of arms, in particular, co-authors of the small state emblem of Ukraine and the modern emblem of Lviv. Among the creative products are: post stamps of Ukraine, collectible envelopes and stamps for the Association of Ukrainian Philatelists in Austria, projects of a series of collector coins of the Bank of Belarus. Designer of various awards. The author of the idea and projects of a deck of playing cards for the Austrian company Piatnik. The artist is a participant of numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as international plein air artists. The author’s works are in collections of Ukrainian museums and private collections in Europe, Asia and America.

Main exhibitions

: 1989 Personal exhibition in the Artes Gallery in Lviv, Ukraine,

1993 Personal exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum. Lviv, Ukraine1996 Artists of the city. Freiburg, Germany

1996 Arts Festival. Kyiv, Ukraine.

1997 Euro-Art. Geneva, Switzerland.

1998 Euro-Art. Geneva, Switzerland

2001 Personal exhibition in the Salon Gallery Porsche Vienna, Austria.

2003 Personal exhibition in the Hall of the Coat of Arms of Vienna City Hall. Vienna, Austria 2009 “Lviv Autumn Salon” Lviv, Ukraine 2010 Kirovogradsky sk. museum. Ukraine

2011 Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine

2012 Museum of book and printing of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 Exhibition “Seasons”, Shtuka Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2013 Order of the National Bank of Belarus (coins) “Zodiac”

2013 Plenary. Lancut, Poland,

2013 International plein air in Kremenets (Ukr) and Kazimierz Dolny (Paul)

2012-2014 Permanent exhibition in the Yana Gallery, Kyiv,

2014-2018 Art Salon Veles, Lviv (Ukr), Gallery Porlall 11, Kyiv (Ukr)

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