ArtistAndriy Petrovskyy

Works in the field of arts and crafts (glass). Member of the NSCU (2000).

Born in 1968, Lviv. Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts (1998). Senior Lecturer of the Department of Art Glass. Teachers from the specialty: O. Zvir, A. Bokotey. Works in the field of arts and crafts (glass). Member of the NSCU (2000). Participant in regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

Main exhibitions:

2002 – Germany, Hannover – Infa,

2003 – Netherlands, Rotterdam – Ahoy Femina,

2003 – Switzerland, Geneva,

2003 – Italy, Milan,

2003 – Germany, Nuremberg;

2004 – France, Paris – UNESCO – “Contemporary Decorative Art”, 2005 – Canada, Toronto. Personal exhibition, 2006 – Holland, Horn,

2007 – Latvia, Riga. International Art Symposium,

2008 – The Netherlands, Lerdarm,

2009 – The Netherlands, Tubergen. Personal exhibition

 2012 – PRC, Guangzhou, Participant of II – VIII International Symposiums of Humming Glass

2018 – Solo exhibition “Art Salon Veles”, LvivThe works are stored in museums of Lviv and in private collections.

Andriy Petrovsky is one of the brightest representatives of the middle generation of glass artists, an active participant in international symposiums, an experienced teacher. He develops the basic ideas of the school of gut glass at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, which tends to synthesize traditions and modern concepts of art. Among colleagues is the individual thinking that manifests itself both in the subject matter and in the figuratively-associative system of works. Since the end of 1998, the profile department of art glass Andrew Petrovsky has been developing his creative program in a wide range of applied and easel forms. He is characterized by the search for adequate technical and expressive means, even for consumer goods. The associative palette of his works is supported by numerous technological innovations, thanks to which not only the unexpected combination of textures and colors is achieved, but also the “directed” tone to each composition space. Such works by A. Petrovsky as “Amphora Hercules,” “Conversation of the angels,” “The Tower of Babylon,” “Christmas,” are pronounced throughout the structure of the agreed figurative features, leaving in the minds of the audience a distinct metaphorical trace. Today Andriy Petrovsky demonstrates a steady tendency to reveal his new unique creative potentials, and gives his rich creative experience to his students. Andriy Bokotey

Natural elements of fire, air and earth, in conjunction with the work of the glass artist, generate a new mystical reincarnation of creativity embodied in the art of art glass. An art glass – born in the gut, redefined in time, has acquired new cultural content. The intellectual approach in art glass emerged in the middle of the twentieth century. and gave birth to the phenomenon of contemporary art – the author’s art glass.Andriy Petrovsky – a representative of the generation of glass-sculptors of the late XX – early XXI century, brought up in the traditions of the Lviv school of art glass. The content of his work is an experiment, a search, an individual approach. The creative program of the artist absorbed the traditions of the Lviv gut and contemporary European tendencies, using the latest technical and technological approaches, fundamentally new methods of shaping and decorating artistic glass, forms the author’s style of the artist. Gut – the concentration of emotions multiplied by the artist’s talan, stamped in the fire and rebelled in spacious This is a special world with a characteristic soul, naro, vocabulary. The capture of the gut laid the foundation of the artistic method of Andriy Petrovsky, which consists in the combination of traditional utilitarian objects and spatial compositions characteristic of easel art. By fixing the moment of the origin of the idea, its transformation and embodiment in space, the author takes into account the physics of the material, its aesthetic load. The artist explores glass in order to identify its spatial-plastic, light-colored properties. A large range of thematic applications of glass allows to distinguish his works in the creative series: utilitarian and decorative, sculptural, abstract compositions. The emphasis is on figurative form and harmony of proportionality. The combinatorics of colorless and colored glass, the use of glass fibers, grinding techniques, corrugations, metallization are the favorite techniques of Andriy Petrovsky. Only perfect possession of technique can make the viewer forget about it. O.Roden

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